All The Men Have Been Taken (By Video Games)

Sometimes it really does seem like all of the men have been taken. But it’s not by other women but for video games. It used to be you knew a man was off limits because of his wedding ring. Now the cue could be his World of Warcraft t-shirt. No, many men these days are

Relationship Red Flags and Why I Can’t Shake My Ex

public domain red flag wikicommons

Photo attribution, by Soman assumed (based on copyright claims), CC. After many red flags I broke up with Mr. Didn’t-Work-Out and looked forward to leaving our relationship behind. Little did I know that soon I wouldn’t be able to shake my ex and he would start popping up everywhere. The Ex Turns Up Everywhere Now

How To Fall In Love Fast According To Social Scientists

If you want to fall in love fast is it better to keep it light on a first date or talk about taboo subjects right from the start? According to social scientists studying ‘closeness’, the quickest road to love is when we reveal intimate details early on in a relationship, specifically from the first time

Are You A Sentimental Traveler?

I’m a huge sentimental traveler, are you? Is it impossible for you to travel without falling in love with places, people and moments? Some of the places I love are that little park across the street from Notre Dame. The tiny roadside shrines called, ‘Troiţă’ scattered around the Romania countryside. And London, all of it,