Are You Ready to Meet The ONE?

95% of singles met their SO when the astrology timing was just right, so can you.

Your First Date Calculator (coming soon!) shows you when a first date will lead to real connection… or if it’s not worth your time.

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You’ve probably noticed how sometimes you attract partners where ever you go. While other times it feels like you’re wasting your time trying to connect.

The truth is, when you meet a potential crush for the first time you’ll rarely make a connection unless the timing is just right…

What if I told you it’s possible to know:

• When you’re most likely to make a strong connection

• The best time to take a break from dating?

You could avoid ‘bad timing’, like my friend Annah. Whose boyfriend broke up with her just in time for her to meet her wonderful boyfriend Mike, right on schedule.

Maybe you would finally commit after two years of a string of failed first dates. Just like my client, Liz?

If you knew when to schedule dates and who to date would you:

Focus on the people you’re most likely to connect with and forget the rest? And suddenly see your dates improve?

Avoid dating fatigue? Like Emily, who loves to relax and enjoy herself, when it’s just not the right time to date?

What would it be like to get past the first date and happily accept date number two, and three, four? Until you’re in an amazing relationship and you’ve stopped keeping track of dates?!

Find out what my clients know. Bad dates happen, on schedule. Strong connections happen, on schedule!