The ConnectionYogi Timeline

Powerful Algorithms

ConnectionYogi uses powerful Astrology timing algorithms to show you who is worth your time or if they'll break your heart.

Red Light, Green Light

Get the cosmic green light for the best days to connect with someone new for the first time, down to the hour.

Relationship Ready DNA

Catch cheaters before they cheat! Connect with confidence knowing your date's relationship readiness DNA.

Unlimited Insight

Use my ConnectionYogi Timeline for free whenever you meet a potential hottie. Unlimited use. No sign up required!

Knowing when to date is just the beginning.

Your ConnectionYogi Timeline uses tested astrology techniques to predict the timing of your strong connections. But here's the thing. Without the right guidance, your Timeline can be dangerous.

That's because the same cosmic conditions that bring you a strong and happy connection can also trick you into a disastrous relationship!

Do I hear a collective, 'Whaaaaaaat, I don't think so!'

I know right?!

I wish I could tell you that a Strong Connection Cycle is your golden ticket to relationship bliss. But the truth is that's only half of the story. You could also find disappointment, breakup, and the kind of defeat that makes you want to delete your online dating profile.

That's because all your ConnectionYogi Timeline tells you is when you're at your most attractive, energized and open to a relationship.

But you'll still need to make difficult decisions about who you let into your life and who doesn't make the cut.

And that's not always easy, because just like cupid's arrow your Connection Cycles can fill you with so much irresistible energy that it can cloud your judgment.

That's why in the ConnectionYogi Dating Studio I guide you to become a ConnectionYogi yourself. You'll learn how to use the gift the planets are giving you to magnetize a strong and lasting connection with the partner of your dreams.

And avoid cheaters and heartbreakers who:

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QUESTION: Do I need to learn all about Astrology to become a ConnectionYogi?

As a ConnectionYogi you'll have the opportunity to learn all about the astrology that goes into your timeline, but here's the deal. I didn't want geeky Astrology stuff to get in the way of what matters most, you making a strong connection with the love of your life.

So yes, all of the Astrology stuff is there, but I promise it won't get in the way of using the ConnectionYogi system to master the difference between:

In short, you'll learn how to recognize and live in harmony with the unfolding of your love story. An ability that's not always as easy as it might seem. At least I managed to mess it up, (multiple times!)

Here's how it went down.

When I first discovered the astrology secrets that predict strong connections I had plenty of ideas about how to use my Timeline to streamline my search for The One.

I cover all the wrong turns and mistakes I made with my timeline in the ConnectionYogi Dating Studio. Basically I made a lot of assumptions about how to get the most out of my Connection Cycles... Assumptions that landed me on some very awkward dates with men that weren't a good fit me.

I know it seems like understanding your timeline should be very straightforward. But I managed to come up with some theories about dating that didn’t work in real life. Then instead of figuring out how to fix the problem I just gave up on dating altogether for months at a time.

The problem? I wasn’t meeting my soulmate. And I got my heart broken during a prime Connection Cycle. And that confused me.

It didn’t make any sense. Shouldn't your Connection Cycle be the time when dating should go 100% your way? A time when you should be immune to disappointment, frustration and partners who ghost you just when you’re getting close?

What I didn't know was I needed to change my strategy.

Once I did I was able to stop accidentally sabotaging myself. I began to date at my full potential and the results were amazing!.

After so many successes I became more and more confident. And soon after that I met my soulmate.

What are you doing to get out of your own way?

What would it be like to put your precious time and energy into partners that have the potential to really be there for you? People that aren’t time wasters?

I've interviewed so many daters that were afraid to stop dating. Does that sound like you? Are you afraid that if you stop dating for even a moment that you'll miss meeting The One? Have you gone on non-stop dates for months or even years and never ended up on a second date like some of the daters I've met? How frustrating is that? How burned out are you about dating from a scale of 1 to 5?

And if rather than give up you just upped your dating efforts, trust me, you're not alone.

One woman that I know kept a change of clothes in the trunk of her car. That way she would always be ready if a date came up. (And they did... weekly).

Many of her dates she would go straight from work to a happy hour date. That unfortunately brought her rejection and frustration rather than joy.

And don’t get me wrong because it's not that a second date wasn't on the table. It’s just that they chose not to go on a second. Because the people they were dating just weren’t measuring up to what they knew they wanted in a relationship.

These women weren’t going to settle for something or someone that wasn’t just right.

If this sounds like you and you want to decrease the amount of dates you’re going on but increase the quality of the people you’re dating. If you want to increase the attraction between you and the person you’re dating. If you want to feel drawn to the person that you’re dating more often than not. If you want To claim your fairytale then absolutely, your connectionyogi Timeline can help get you there.

But the secret is that your timeline is just a map. But if you’re not really sure how to read the map then it’s really likely that you’ll get lost.

That doesn’t mean that you’re going to have to become an astrology expert. Because honestly that’s probably not your intention. Your intention is to make a strong and lasting connection with the partner of your dreams. Not to learn all sorts of esoteric astrologer details necessarily, (that's my job).

So no you’re not going to have to study loads of astrology in the ConnectionYogi Dating Studio to get results. But if you want it you will absolutely get access to high grade astrology knowledge targeted to your ConnectionYogi journey.

Still, I want to make it clear that the number one goal of the ConnectionYogi dating studio is for you to become a ConnectionYogi yourself. That means it will be dead easy for you to:

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And can we talk about money? Because dating is expensive!

How much money do you think you spent on dating over the past year? If you’re the kind of person that never pays for yourself on a date then your answer might be zero. In fact you may have gained by going on dates with people that buy you dinner or drinks. But if you’ve gotten into more long-term relationship or if you're a big believer in financial relationship equality then you might always insist on paying for yourself. Even on a first date.

In fact over 78% of women believe that going dutch on the first date is the way to go. While 50% of men believe they should pay. []

Either way, add it up.

How much money have you spent in the past year on going out?

What's the dollar amount you’ve sunk into dating food and entertainment in the past year? That total is your Dating Consumables.

A study from [], found that on average single people spend about $146 dollars per month on dates, that's $1752 a year! Which is close to the $1,596 discovered in a similar 2017 study [].

And even if you haven’t spent one cent on drinks or going out food you probably have a Preparation Cost. That's the price you pay just to show up to a date (transportation), looking your best (beauty products, special date outfits and getting your 'do' done!).

Add your Preparation Costs to your Dating Consumables and you've got your total Dating Investment Budget.

Oh and what about the subscriptions you're paying for dating apps and online dating access? Subscriptions tend to around $239 per year for the average dater. []

It all adds up!

With ConnectionYogi you'll lower your Dating Investment Budget because you'll go on better quality dates and up your chances of meeting your true love sooner. You may even manage to go on less dates and still find a strong connection without dating every-single-wrong-for-you-person under the sun.

What a relief!

The old way: Your Dating Investment Budget equals $1500 plus per year and brings you nothing but wrong turns and heartache. Oh and wastes a bunch of your time and makes you feel uber frustrated and burned out.

The ConnectionYogi way: You find true love faster while going on less dates and spend less money. Goobye dating burnout.

An investment into becoming a ConnectionYogi may be something you can't afford to pass up.

We all know that astrology can be use for a prediction but up until now there’s very few places you can go to find a timeline for the best times for you to connect and the best times for you to take time for yourself.

As far as I know it's the only tool that you can use for free.

Putting the ConnectionYogi Timeline out for nada - zilch - gratis fits with my dream to make sure that everyone gets access to their Timeline. Even my one year chart that I am excited to launch soon will cost less than $10. Plus give you the added benefit of a free Become A ConnectionYogi’s Yogi training video.

I'm excited because I spent years looking for a way to guess which of my relationships had a chance based on Astrology Timing. When I couldn't find a good tool I did the research and created my own!

ConnectionYogi is a tool for you to use alongside your favorite Compatibility Astrology method. Because, great compatibility still needs awesome compatibility of timing to work!

I'm going to say this again because this is suuuuper important:

If you want a great relationship you and your partner need to have both matching horoscopes and have fantastic timing when you first connect.

I can’t tell you how many people have told me all about the awesome Horoscopes match they have with their crush. But if they you ask them about the compatibility of the timing when they met they just don't know.

Then when the relationship doesn’t go anywhere, or worse they get hurt, they don’t understand why things didn’t work out.

Bad timing is often the answer!

This is why it's so important to me to make this technology available to all daters... Not just the ones that can afford it.

There’s three problems with only relying on compatibility astrology alone for matchmaking:

1) A great match still needs compatibility of timing to work. I can’t tell you how many people have told me all about how great their compatibility is both between their astrology charts and just one on one with their crush... Only to find that the relationship doesn’t go anywhere or worse they could get hurt when they don’t understand why things don’t work out.

2) If great compatibility all by itself could overcome bad timing then finding a relationship would be a lot simpler!

3) Have you ever had great compatiblity with someone but ended 'just not feeling it'? Bad timing can kill the mood!

ConnectionYogi has your back when it comes to the compatibility of timing between you and your potential partners.

The Shocking Moment I Learned Men And Women Respond to Connection Cycles Very Differently

People always ask me what surprised me the most when I was researching Connection Cycles. My answer in one word is... Cheating.

It surprised me to learn that there is a very real difference between men and women when it comes to cheating and their Connection Cycles.

This was shocking to me because it really goes my belief that men and women are equal.

It's crazy but my research supports the idea that men cheat more than women. The only silver lining is that we can use their Connection Cycles to predict if your partner might cheat.

A study in said that less than a quarter at married couples cheat during their marriages. With 22% of men cheating on their wives and 14% of women cheating on their husbands. []

And if you’re not in a relationship the likelihood that cheating will happen is nearly the same for men 57% and women 52%.

But Michèle Binswager, author of, Cheating: A Handbook For Women says the number of men who cheat compared to women is much higher,

Citing a study that says 70 to 80% of men will cheat compared to 30 to 40% of women.

Unfortunately my research agrees with the higher 70-80% range for men, while I’m finding very low numbers of women who cheat.

It's odd for me to be just another dating guru warning women to ‘watch out for cheaters’! But here we are.

It's my goal to help you avoid cheating behaviors:

Basically it’s pretty easy to protect yourself from cheaters. But cheating is just the most obvious relationship bogeyman.

Feeling like you’re not met in a relationship or like you’re pulling most of the weight affects a lot of couples.

I tackle this problem, too in the ConnectionYogi Dating Studio and give you a ton of tools to avoid that kind of relationship deadweight that can derail your quest for a strong connection.

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In the ConnectionYogi Dating Studio we completely focus on mastering the compatibility of timing. We don’t on the other hand deal with the compatibility of horoscope matching. That’s because we know there’s tons of different methods out there that you probably already know all about. We encourage you to pick the method that works for you. And we’ve got your back when it comes to the compatibility of timing between you and your potential partners.

And just a note although I’m a woman dating men I worked hard to make ConnectionYogi a safe place for daters of all genders, dating preferences and sexualities.

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