Hiya, I’m Amber Blase, welcome to my about page!

If you've ever thought, 'I wish I knew more about Horoscopes so I could predict when I would meet The One and fall in love', I know exactly how you feel. I started studying Astrology in High School to answer exactly that question!

It was a long journey but eventually I discovered the Astrology combinations that predict strong connections.

The biggest shocker? Timing is *just* as important as having compatible horoscopes with your partner... (maybe even more so!) How many times have you had a great match with your date but it just wasn't going to work? Hint: Bad timing probably got in the way!

I've put everything I've learned about why people fall in love when they do into, The AstroLoveTimer Dating Calculator. Join my Connect and Commit Course to access the calculator and get the advantage of using your luckiest times to date and make the love story of your dreams come true.

12-second bio

Amber Blase created, The AstroLoveTimer Dating Calculator to reveal your cosmic Astrology love timing. Use it for free to find the best times to connect with someone new!



Amber Blase combines her love of spirit and art to create useful tools you can use to discover true love.  Her dating tool, The AstroLoveTimer Dating Calculator, uses Astrology to make it easy to know your cosmic love timing. Use the AstroLoveTimer for free to find the best times to connect for the first time.   She has two (grown) children and lives in Portland, Oregon with her family.


5 Fun Facts About Amber

  • She has lived in Paris, France and London, England as well as a tiny two room casa without running water in a Romanian village!
  • Until the age of 35 coffee drinks were a mystery to her, now she's a regular (decaf) Americano drinker.
  • Point her in the direction of a drum circle and she'll sing her heart out!
  • One of her passions is nurturing a tropical paradise in not exactly tropical Portland, Oregon.
  • As her kids grow up and move on to University and such the travel bug is biting her again. Winters in Hawaii beckon!

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