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The AstroLoveTimer Astrology Dating Calculator

Before the AstroLoveTimer:

Whenever you’re with one special person it feels like fireworks. But you wonder why sparks fail to fly with everybody else!

After AstroLoveTimer:

Then one day your dating life changes — and you easily attract:

❤️ Strong connections

❤️ The commitment you want

❤️ Relationships that feel like they’re ‘meant to be’

The Solution:

You discover that relationships need powerful astrology timing to succeed. When the planets line up just right you make a strong connection with someone special. It’s mutual, swoon!


Jumpstart your love story when you get your free 30 day (perpetual) AstroLoveTimer Astrology Dating Calculator.


❤️ Know exactly when to date to get the best results.

❤️ Stop getting burnt out from dating -- (You'll always know when it’s ‘safe’ to take a break from making new connections.)

❤️ Make more strong connections with less effort -- quality over quantity!

What’s included:

❤️ 30 day *perpetual* timeline (every time you click on your timeline you’ll see results for the current day plus 29 days in the future)

❤️ Quickstart instructions for using your love cycles to your advantage

❤️ Peace of mind that you're dating at your best

Call to action 2:

Take the next step and join the AstroLoveTimer Course and learn the secrets to using your best planetary love magic to get the relationship of your dreams.

What’s Included in Basic Level:

❤️ Your 2020/2021/2022 Dating Calendars

❤️ How to date with your AstroLoveTimer for success

❤️ Partner Timeline Tool

❤️ Worksheets

❤️ Welcome Webinar

❤️ Regular email support

Upgrade to Cosmic Level:

❤️ 6 lesson modules

❤️ The astrology that goes into the AstroLoveTimer

❤️ Monthly live webinars


❤️ How to date with your timeline to make dating easier and get stronger connections.

❤️ Know what your dates *true* intentions are and if they're worth your time and attention.

❤️ Secrets from the stars that explain your biggest dating frustrations!

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