Holiday Hookup Or Real Relationship 3 Point Checklist + Cosmic Bonus

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Falling in love on vacation has a dangerous reputation. You never know if it's a holiday fling or if he'll surprise you with a proposal. In this article you'll learn if your holiday romance is a ticket to nowhere -- or if you two have a chance. Are you onboard?

Many couples start as a holiday hookup and go on to live long, happy, passionate lives together, like my friends Kate, Jacque, and Lydia. That could be you. In this article, you'll get my three best tips (plus one cosmic bonus tip!) that warn you if your summer love can last more than your seven-day and 6-night stay. Or if your connection will just stay a steamy memory.

BONUS - The Astrology Love Timing Is Right

Usually, you'll get your bonus last, but this is my number one tip, here you go! Ladies, you-need-to-use-astrology-love-timing!! That means looking to see if the day you met your lover was auspicious in the stars or if a long-term partnership will just lead to a broken heart. 

Astrology isn't your thing? No problem! Keep scrolling to see my other three horoscope-free pieces of advice!

Still here? Great because I got to tell you, the cosmic timing between you and your partner is my best tip for any connection. Whether they just moved in next door or if you met them two thousand and thirty-three miles away on a riverboat trip down the Nile.

A Lucky Time To Fall In Love

Before Keith went to Denmark his color-coded AstroLoveTimer report predicted he would be in a green connection cycle during his trip. Just like the green light on a traffic light, green signals it's a time when the planets are lining up, and you'll fall in love easily. This is your best and most lucky time to meet somebody. 

It worked for Keith. He got approached at the Natural History Museum by Astrid, who chatted him up over a case of ancient Viking Swords. But there were more potential romances for him during his stay in Denmark. 

After his gig in Copenhagen, Freja introduced herself to him. Their romance blossomed fast. Notice how Keith didn't have to approach either of these women, just to get shot down!? 

Way To Know His True Intentions

Knowing what sort of astrology love cycle you and your partner were in when you met gives you an instant low-down. You'll know if a man is who he says he is. Is he really ready to settle down? Or could he be cheating on somebody back home behind your back?

This is huge when you only have a long weekend with him. When he's on his best behavior, wining and dining you at all the chicest spots along the Riviera. 

After three months, who knows? Maybe it won't be all glitter and sunset walks on the beach. He'll be showing you who he really is. But when you need to see if he's legit like, *today*, the stars reveal what he's hiding from you without the time sink.

Number 1 - Accelerating Your Relationship Milestones

Couples who turn a vacay flirtation into a lifetime of love often talk about their intentions right away. Accelerating the timeline on your relationship might be scandalous back home. Still, when you realize you may never see this person again, it's common for things to move fast.

Jacque met Kim while working at a Club-Med in the French Caribbean. If you're old enough to remember Club-Med, you'll know it had a racy reputation back in the day. But Jacque was no womanizing Casanova. He made it clear he wanted a life with Kim from the get-go. In a few short months, he had moved in with her far from his homeland in Portland, Oregon. They've been together more than twenty years now.

Moving up the needle on relationship milestones is a common strategy for couples who continue their holiday romance into the future and beyond. Living near one another soon after you meet gives you the best chance for your union to have staying power.

But if you think 'free-spirits' are the only ones who leave everything behind for love, think again!

Pam was on holiday in New Zealand when she met Harrison. Within weeks she had packed up and left her career as a corporate manager to be with her man. Last I heard, they had started a family.

Number 2 - Still On Your Radar

When you meet a man in town, if you don't hear from him for a while, it's alright because you might bump into each other at the grocery store, on the way to class, or at happy hour. Not so when you met your crush halfway around the world.

If he's really interested, you'll hear from him. No, he might not be the type to jump right in with a proposal, but he'll at least make an effort to date you through the interwebs. 

Remember Freja and Keith? Once he returned to the US of A the two continued their romance with long Zoom and WhatsApp calls that lasted for hours. Talk about letting great astrology do all the work.

Number 3 - Making Concrete Plans

Your time is valuable! Just like in real life, your guy might be all talk and no action. If he's not making plans for your future, cut the cord. 

This might include making plans to see IRL or asking you to be exclusive. Who knows? If he doesn't ask to be your boyfriend, he might be seeing others on the side. If that's fine with you, great. But you should both be on the same page. 

Otherwise, you might be turning down legitimate dates from people nearby without realizing you're committed to somebody who isn't taking things quite as seriously as you.

Lydia liked to take things slow. So she didn't move in with her man in Helsinki, Finland, right away, but she did visit him for months at a time. Three years later, she knew what to expect from her Boo and the dark Finnish winters in Helsinki. This gave her the confidence to sell her house in the States and move permanently to Finland.

And ask yourself. If neither of you is making an effort to see one another in person, why? Do you feel he's basically okay with seeing you through a screen rather than in person? And if so, what does that say about your connection?


Worried your connection might dissolve faster than that ice cream cone he got you on the wharf as soon as you board your flight back home? Use my tips to know if the person you met on holiday will be a ticket to nowhere or 'The One.'

Number 1: Successful couples tend to pull up roots and move near their partner soon after meeting. Ooh, la la! The rules on when milestones are so-called 'supposed' to be hit get loosy-goosy when your time together is limited. Be open to either of you starting a new life across the country or even on a new continent. 

Number 2: Once you're back home, is he still contacting you regularly? Or has he gone MIA? Even if he's not ready to propose right away, if he's serious about you, he should be trying to continue the conversation. Are you consistently meeting up on Zoom or WhatsApp? 

Number 3: Do you have plans for the future? Is he booking a ticket to see you? Or even gifting you with a plane ticket so you can visit him on his home turf? Are you in a commited relationship? Chatting all the time is fine, but eventually, your relationship will need to be injected on in-person face-to-face time.

BONUS: As an astrologer, my best piece of advice is to use the timing of the day you met as your guide. If the astrology love timing between you is excellent, it could be worth checking out. 

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