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Green is the luckiest time to make a new connection

Yellow is the second safest cycle for women to meet someone new. Not usually recommended for men

Orange is sometimes safe for women to meet someone new but men shouldn't risk it

It's not recommended for men or women to make a new connection during a red cycle

Meeting somebody new during a Gray Cycle is a no-go for everybody

Your dating timeline uses your deep astrology to show you when you're getting tons of cosmic love energy from the stars! Use it to see when it's easy for you to:

❤️ Attract a strong connection

❤️ Be at your most magnetic and attractive

❤️ Get the commitment you deserve

P.S.: AstroLoveTimer is NOT an online dating site.

Your timeline works even if you're Social Distancing and you can't meet in person right away.


Hi, I'm Amber Blase (sounds like 'blaze'!) -- hopeful romantic and astrology geek! I spent 20+ years searching for the times when your horoscope lines up to give you a strong connection. What I learned inspired me to stop the heartbreak and leave a frustrating 9+ year relationship for good... Soon after that I met my Soulmate. AstroLoveTimer is built on a deep Astrology algorithm -- (Yesss!, we're going way beyond sun signs here), all in an easy to understand color-coded calendar that shows you exactly when the stars are lining up to give you the love story of your dreams!

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