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A new relationship is like moving to a new town -- it's uncharted territory. But what if there was a way to use astrology plus the day you met your partner to get a perfect road map of his heart?

It'd be like showing up in a new town knowing where all the best spots were and skipping right past its dark underbelly.

You'd know you love the Saturday Market in the town square.

Where you can feel the grass under your feet as you dance to the band playing in the pavilion.

You'd know where to find bushes full of wild berries along the riverbanks.

You'd score the cute bungalow that's right in your price range and checks off everything on your home-sweet-home list.

You'd be in 'the know' just like the locals!

And you'd ignore the guy at your favorite wine bar who seems too good to be true. Why? Because you'd know he's the town's Cassanova, famous for getting a girl's hopes up only to be full of empty promises and a trail of broken hearts twisting behind him.

You'd also know when the man pursuing you could have a chance to be The One.

Astrology Love Timing Shows If They Have Potential

Astrology love timing is the way to get a roadmap of your relationship. It's like having his friend group on speed dial who are happy to share the truth about your partner's secret intentions.

The stars reveal his feelings for you. They tell you:

  • If he's wasting your time
  • If he's a keeper
  • If he'll commit
  • If he's ready for marriage

Trisha and Luke (Almost) Met on The Tube

On his way to a party, Luke was whisking along on The Tube, AKA the London Underground. He didn't notice the pretty redhead with long hair wavy hair checking him out from the row across the aisle.

It's unclear when the redhead got off the train, but Luke transferred at Victoria station. 

Soon the train started traveling faster. The buildings outside the windows were replaced by fields. He wasn't in London anymore. In fact, he had arrived in a suburb so far from London that it was in a different county.

Getting lost like this wasn't a big surprise. Luke had spent many holidays with his English granny. But he had only made a permanent move to England from across the pond less than a month ago.

Eventually, he found the party and rang the doorbell. A woman with long red hair opened the door. She smiled at him and said, "I recognize you. We were on the same train 3 hours ago."

Luke's jaw dropped.

"I'm Trisha. What took you so long?"

When Trisha and Luke's long-term relationship began, they were both in a green astrology love cycle. They stayed together for years because they both had the "green light" when they met.

In my Dating On Time Course, your astrology love timing reports are color-coded, so they're easy to read. Green means "go," yellow is a maybe, and red means "stop." It works just like a stop-light.

Every type of cosmic timing will show you if a man is ready to commit. Or if he's just a flirt full of empty promises.

Horoscopes And Timing Saves Her From Walking Into Disaster

Have you ever noticed how common it is for a man to act like he's all about being in a relationship with you? He messages you all the time. You're spending all your time together. He's consistently taking you out on nice dates. He's acting like he really cares. Any day you expect he'll ask you to be his girlfriend because it seems obvious, right?

That's how Dave was treating Kim. But it confused her because the astrology timing made it look like he wasn't ready for a relationship. It really made her double think herself. Should she throw astrology love timing out the window and let Dave into her heart?

But a couple minor red flags did point at potential warning signs.

He had lobbed some subtle put-downs at her, and then when she confronted him, he played them down. These were things that she probably would've ignored in the past but combined with knowing that his astrology wasn't lining up... well, it was enough for her to break things off with him.

Suddenly Dave switched it up. He told her he wasn't interested in marriage and claimed he wasn't even looking for a serious relationship. She was in shock because that's not how he had been selling himself.

Luckily she didn't waste months on him before learning Dave was secretly non-commital. It made her shiver, realizing he had done everything he could to suck her in and make her feel safe. She had started to believe things with him were really going somewhere. Luckily the truth came out before he wasted more of her time.

Stranger Things And Buried Secrets

In Stranger Things, Hawkins, Indiana, residents didn't know about the terrible monster Demogorgon living in the Under Empire right beneath their feet.

New love is like that. No, your partner probably isn't hiding a monster deep inside -- but wouldn't you like to know if he is? Is he hiding buried secrets big enough to fuel the backstory of the anti-hero of pretty much every rom-com you've ever seen? You know, is he the man your mother always warned you about!


The moment you meet tells you what you need to know about the potential between you and your partner. Is there a roadmap that will lead to the altar, living together, or some other significant commitment? Or will your journey to true love get cut off by a series of dead ends? Will the lover you're meant to trust drive into obstacles and cul de sacs that waste your time while claiming a wedding ring is just around the corner? Is he full of empty promises? The antithesis of your happily ever after? Will he get your relationship "pilot" dropped before the end of the season?

Building trust with a new love is a process. But knowing the astrology timing of the moment you meet your partner gives you a significant head start. How can you use your best Astrology Timing and the timing of the singles you meet to your advantage?

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