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Do you know your Venus sign? And if you do, let me ask you another question do you feel like your Venus sign really describes what you're like in relationships?

  • Are you outgoing? Or more reserved? 

  • Do you date new people constantly? Or only meet somebody new every so often?

  • Do you get into committed relationships quickly? Or hold back?

When you go to a party and are single, I'm guessing at least part of you wonders if you might meet somebody special there. But not Natalia. If a cute guy chats her up at the drinks table, she probably won't even notice. She certainly isn't going to flirt with him -- like you'd expect a Gemini Venus to do. Instead, Natalia rarely dates. She's never even looking to get into a relationship. She doesn't have that famed curious, flirtatious energy that Gemini Venus is said to have. We'll learn why later on in this article.

What about you? Does your Venus feel right? Does it really describe how you approach romantic relationships? If not, or even if it does, do you know if your Sidereal Venus describes you better than your Tropical Venus?

Tropical Vs. Sidereal Venus

If you're confused right now, no worries. In India and other Asian countries, Sidereal astrology is king. It's even the Astrology system used by NASA. But here in the west, most folks use Tropical astrology. 

The difference between these two systems is about 23 degrees. A sign is 30 degrees, so 23 degrees is a lot! 

Take a quick look at your Tropical horoscope and imagine each planet in the sign behind it. That's a big difference! Those 23 degrees are enough to push most planets in your sidereal chart back one whole zodiac sign.

If your Sun is in Aries in your tropical chart, it's probably moved back into Pisces in your Sidereal Chart. A planet in bubbly Gemini will suddenly be behind it in staid Taurus. And so on.

How To Access Your Sidereal Chart Step By Step

You may have been interested in looking at your Sidereal chart (also known as the Jyotish chart) but never knew how to get one. This article will explain exactly how to get a free Sidereal chart. And then I'll be directing you so you can see where your Venus is. Lastly, you're going to be able to compare and contrast your Tropical and your Sidereal Venus and see which one fits you better.

Let's get started!

To find your sidereal Venus, go to:

The charts on the website charts look great, but I can't endorse any of the other offerings on their site. And I am in no way affiliated with this site.


In the form, add in the day, month, and year of your birthdate. 

Time of Birth:

Not sure what time you were born? No problem! Venus moves so slowly that you'll get an accurate degree for your Venus even without an exact time of birth. Just keep in mind that you will not be able to access the house for your Venus without a time of birth.


Start typing in the field marked "Birth city" to add your birth location. Cities automatically populate in a dropdown as you type.

House System: 

Choose "whole sign."

In the field marked "Ayanamsa," leave the choice "Lahiri."

Get Your Chart:

Create your chart by clicking the button: "Calculate sidereal chart."

If you know how to read the glyphs for each sign, great (otherwise, there's a cheat sheet below). Scroll down to see the zodiac sign for your Venus. Or keep reading to learn how to get the sign names for your planets instead.

Sign Names and Glyphs Cheat Sheet

Need a cheat sheet? Here's the glyph and name for each zodiac sign:

♈ = Aries

♉ =Taurus

♊ = Gemini

♋ = Cancer

♌ = Leo

♍ = Virgo

♎ = Libra

♏ = Scorpio

♐ = Sagittarius

♑ = Capricorn

♒ = Aquarius

♓ = Pisces

Help I Need Sign Names!

If you'd rather see the name of the signs spelled out for you, then here's what to do: 

Scroll down and look for the sidebar with your birthdate and the heading: "Planet Positions." Click the underlined "detail" link.

You'll see the list of your planets written out with its sidereal sign and degree. Venus is the fourth on the list (because it is the fourth fastest planet). 

EXERCISE: How To Compare Your Sidereal and Tropical Venus

Step One

Divide a piece of paper into two columns. At the top make Sidereal the heading of one column and Tropical the other heading of the other column. 

In the Sidereal column, write down the sign and degree of your Sidereal Venus and its house. No problem if you don't know the sign and degree for your Tropical Venus. Just add 23 degrees to your Sidereal Venus.

For example, Natalia's Sidereal Venus is at 16 degrees Taurus. So add 23 degrees and 16. [ 16 + 23 = 39 ]

If your number also equals more than 29 like Natalia's does, then that means your Venus has gone into the sign after it. Look at the list of signs above, you'll see the sign after Taurus is Gemini. Write "Gemini" down under the Tropical column.

Step Two

Under each planet, write down the traits of its zodiac sign. Here's a handy list to get you started:

Aries: Driven, warrior, firey, ruled by Mars

Taurus: Sticks to routine, measured, resourceful, ruled by Venus

Gemini: Gregarious, curious, mingling, ruled by Mercury

Cancer: Soft, motherly, bountiful, ruled by Moon

Leo: Loves attention, boisterous, energetic, ruled by Sun

Virgo: Fixing problems, communicative, purity, ruled by Mercury

Libra: Balance, partner, indecisive, ruled by Venus

Scorpio: Hidden, occult, spiritual, ruled by Mars

Sagittarius: Movement, searching, dynamic, ruled by Jupiter

Capricorn: Leader, rules oriented, dependable, ruled by Saturn

Aquarius: Unusual, cool to the point of aloof, friendly, ruled by Saturn

Let's use Natalia's results as an example. She'd write down that Gemini is ruled by the dynamic planet of Mercury. While Taurus is ruled by the harmony-seeking planet of Venus.

Gemini is an active, high-energy person with plenty of bandwidth to connect with multiple people. In Talia's Sidereal Chart, her Venus is in Taurus. That fits her a lot better because Taurus is known for being a measured person who takes their time. They don't necessarily spread themselves around a lot. They like structure and limits. These two types of Venus' are completely opposite each another. 

Which one do you feel describes Talia's dating life more? Gemini or Taurus?

Extra Credit

After you have your list, you might want to ask your friends what they think you're like in relationships. Of course if you don't feel sharing this exercise with friends no problem, skip this step.

If you're okay with chatting about relationship stuff with your friends or family, great. Just wait to tell them about your experiment after seeing which of their statements fit either your Sidereal or Tropical Venus the best. 

Write about your observations under each column. What do you think? Which sign describes you better? Do you sound more like your Tropical Venus or your Sidereal Venus? 


I hope the realization you gain by exploring your Sidereal and Tropical Venus can be a big stepping stone in knowing which system is right for you!

Drop me an email about your experience, or hit me up on social.

P.S. You may have noticed I asked you to write down the house your Venus is in. Next time we'll talk about how houses affect your venus.

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